About Us

My wife Toni and I moved here from the Philippines 8 years ago. We started as a food counter attendant at one of the fast-food chains in Kelowna. We built our family here, and we have two kids Gareth, 6, and Gabrie, 2. To catch up with this fast pacing world, we decided to build our own business. At first, we aren’t sure what kind of business we should start. Back home, we worked as Food Technologist; to come up with a business-related to our experience, we need to have at least a refresher course in one of the schools in B.C. More than 15 years of good customer relation by working in fast food chains from the Philippines to Singapore to Canada.  This is not a good option, because going to school means spending extra thousands of dollars. Back then, we both have a second job, which is cleaning, and we love doing it. Adding up our good customer relation experience from our previous jobs in the service industry and our knowledge in cleaning and sanitizing procedures, we decided to build our own cleaning company with the help of friends and co-workers. Up-to-date, we are servicing clients from Kelowna to West Kelowna.
We are thrilled that the community welcomed and trusted us from the year we started and hoping for more years to come.

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